Barefoot Review


Jason Teeple

Jason Teeple

Jason Teeple

Jason has been fascinated by language all his life. He received a Bachelors in English literature from Rutgers University, then continued his pursuit to understand language in a more formal way. He earned a Master's from University of Pennsylvania, studying linguistics and computer science. He specialized in natural language processing. It's a subfield of artificial intelligence that uses computer programming, linguistics and statistics to model language.

Sadly his career was cut short when he was diagnosed with brain and spine tumors. After two surgeries and three rounds of intensive radiation the tumors have been stable.

He is hard of hearing and has visual difficiency. The radiation knocked out his inner ear so he can't balanc to stand or walk. It also damaged his spine so moving his legs is a challenge. He is Federally disabled and uses his time to write and help people when he can.

Who can tell the dancer from the dance?
                                – William Butler Yeats
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