Barefoot Review

What is it?

The Barefoot Review publishes original written work by people who have or have had physical difficulties in their lives, from cancer to seizures, Alzheimer's to Lupus. It is also a place for caretakers, families, significant others and friends to write about their experiences and relationships to the person. They are a vital part to being able to live with an illness.


The Barefoot Review is in tremendouse transition. The Editor-in-Chief is sick and dying. He is looking for a replacement.

What's the Purpose?

Writing can be a tremendous source of healing and allow difficult feelings and ideas to be expressed. Unfortunately we can't publish every piece received; however, every work is important. Writing, verbalizing feelings that may be subconscious or unexpressed is more important than the acknowledgment of being published here.

We look forward to reading each submission and hope that through selected works people with similar difficulties find inspiration and identification reading the words of others.

Enjoy the pieces we've collected in the current and past issues. Please write and submit poetry and short prose. You can find guidelines on the submissions page.

What's in a Name?

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

The Barefoot Review is named to evoke several meanings: baring your soul and expressing naked feelings. Bare feet ground you, give you balance, and connect you to the Earth. The review is here from a desire to help others and because we feel adversity keenly.


Please get in touch if you have a question, compliment or complaint.

Sickness shows us what we are
                                – anonymous
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